retail design | eagle, idaho

The Winding Creek mixed use facility is a two-story office, retail, and restaurant development located in Eagle, Idaho. The client requested an Italianate architecture style with exterior twin towers intended to anchor the building corners. Lap siding, with brick accents, soft green toned stucco, and ornate wrought iron embellish and at the same time soften the building from tower to tower. The east facing exterior balcony/patios enhance and provide an amenity to the second story office spaces offering a chance to watch the morning sunrise with a cup of coffee and also have a protected shady area from the late afternoon summer sun. The second floor is accessed from a central lobby that features a custom sculpted ceiling plane in the shape of a meandering creek that is backlit with specialty LED lighting in a blue color that further emphasizes the winding creek image of the building and surrounding development.

Our client also commissioned a custom wall hung water feature/sculpture that offers visual interest and at the same time adds the sound of moving water to the small lobby space. The ground floor level was designed to accommodate retail and restaurant spaces which add a commercial element to the primarily office oriented business park and allows people to walk to get a bite to eat or take care of some shopping during their day. At the building exterior there is extensive landscaping, including a man made waterfall along the adjacent creek as well as a dining patio to be enjoyed by the restaurant patrons.


LOCATION: Eagle, Idaho

OWNER: Retail Development of North America, LLC



PRIMARY USE: Retail, Office, RestaurantPrintFlyer