office | meridian, idaho

United Heritage requested their new corporate offices make a statement on this highly visible 2.4 acre site, located along Interstate 84 in the Central Valley Corporate Park in Meridian, Idaho. They wanted a building to project a solid, substantial, stable image that would be readily identifiable to commuters moving about the Boise Valley. With these goals in mind, the building was oriented for maximum exposure to east and west bound traffic incorporating a conservative, yet striking façade design utilizing brick, precast concrete and glass curtain wall elements.

Challenges in the design process included; balancing security requirements of post 9/11 legislation regarding quasi-public utilities and the desire for an interpretive center and viewing rooms for students and the public, determining fire ratings for chemical storage rooms to ensure safe building materials, allaying safety concerns due to the proximity to commercial flight paths for the Boise Airport and blending in with the surrounding residentially zoned properties.With their corporate image in mind, BRS designed a dramatic building entry comprised of an interior, two story lobby atrium coupled with an exterior plaza and water feature to enhance the visitor experience. The exterior environment was also developed with walkways, landscaping, berms and sandstone to compliment this unique site and create a sense of place. Bordered on two sides by canals, a bridge was constructed leading to an outside gathering space for building occupants.


LOCATION:  Meridian, Idaho

OWNER: United Heritage



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