vehicle dealership | fruitland, idaho

BRS was brought on by a local auto dealer/owner who wished to expand and relocate one of his dealerships from the Oregon side of the state line to a location just inside the Idaho border. The owner acquired the land and quickly got to work by hiring a civil team to complete the preliminary plat with BRS closely behind working on sketches for bidding and eventually complete construction drawings for the chosen bidder. With the directive from the owner, BRS was to produce the first set of drawings within a month of being commissioned because the owner faced losing funding from Subaru’s corporate office if the construction was not complete by the end of the following year. Therefore, BRS produced 30% drawings for initial bids, then worked to produce complete drawings for the chosen bidder three (3) months later. The project followed Subaru’s standards, including a curved façade, but also left room to accommodate for the owner’s unique tastes. BRS was responsible to communicate with Subaru corporate to see what adjustments could be made to the criteria. The owner requested as many horse ranch décor opportunities as possible that would cater to the local, typical Subaru customer. For example, the dealer wanted to incorporate a dog park on the site so that the local Subaru customer would be able to bring their dog shopping. The waiting area was also designed with the typical customer in mind, so an actual wood burning stove was designed into the plan. Another feature that was added was a canopy that would naturally shade the sales floor area to address the owner’s concerns that the large wall of glass on the front of the dealership would cause too much heat gain for employees and customers alike. A successful project was ultimately delivered by BRS who also worked with the Contractor to provide a dealership that followed the rules by corporate but had an Idaho spin on it.


LOCATION: Fruitland, Idaho

TYPE OF PROJECT: Vehicle Dealership

OWNER: Paula Kae, LLC


PROJECT SIZE: (Building Square Footage, Lot Size, etc): Bldg. 28,825 SF / Site: 5 Acres

CONSTRUCTION DATE:  March 2019 – December 2019