Tessa Williams

Christine AikenTessa dreamed of becoming an Architect from a very young age. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Architecture in 2015 from The University of Idaho. She has always been drawn to design and in 2013 she obtained her Bachelors Degree in Interior Design from The University of Idaho. She considers herself a student of design/architecture always interested in learning about her craft. Tessa is a furniture maker and connoisseur and upon graduation she spent a year designing furniture and working in Interior Design. She joined BRS Architects in 2016 and is continuing her quest to learn and grow. She plans to pursue her architectural license. While living in Hawaii, California, Montana, Connecticut, and now Idaho, she caught the “travel bug”. She has traveled extensively through Europe, the United States and Canada. While traveling she always seeks out the local architecture and design.

Email:  tessa@brsarchitects.com