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In 2003, BRS started working with Dr. Garpetti on his new office in the Mahogany Business Park. We worked with the doctor to determine patient and care giver flow patterns, operatory techniques and handing, sterilization equipment and storage needs, staff amenities, lighting preferences and the overall desired aesthetic. The plan we created provides 9 perimeter operatories around a core that includes restrooms, sterilization, storage and consultation rooms. The design creates a circular flow, thus minimizing cross-over and taking all patients back to the check-out desk while simplifying plumbing, medical gas and power runs (major costs in a dental office). A central vaulted clerestory provides natural light to the entire clinical area, reducing the need for artificial light and providing a bright pleasant environment for the patients and staff. Strategically placed operable windows create a natural cross-ventilation to reduce the load on mechanical systems during the transitional months and get rid of that “dental office smell” while keeping costs to a minimum. Our team also worked with the Doctor and his wife to design a modern, clean interior from durable materials that will continue to look good for years to come.


LOCATION:  Boise, Idaho

OWNER: Dr. Dennis Garpetti



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