Les Bois Credit Union

financial| garden city, idaho

This Les Bois Federal Credit Union location is home to the businesses corporate headquarters and 6th branch banking facility in the treasure valley. The 8,400 s.f. building is split between banking services and corporate office space. The banking side of the facility provides members with two drive-thru lanes, ATM, safe deposit boxes and business banking services. The administrative office side of the building allowed the credit union to move from their cramped quarters in downtown Boise and provided ample expansion space for the companies accounting, underwriting and executive offices.

The interior finish materials and colors are a mix of slate blue, tans and deep wood tones that provide a modern, but comfortable, environment for the staff and members who use the facility. The buildings exterior also has a modern mix of materials that utilize raw finished aluminum canopies, monolithic rock walls and large expanses of tinted glazing.


LOCATION: Garden City, Idaho

OWNER: Les Boise Federal Credit Union



PRIMARY USE: FinancialPrintFlyer

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