From Humble Beginnings to a Regional Leader

BRS Architects was founded by Billy Ray Strite and Clinton Yaka in 1974. Originally located in an un-renovated turkey-coop, the company was founded on the principles of providing the best in efficient design and planning services. BRS Architects quickly gained reputation and in 1977 welcomed a third partner to the firm, Tim Terry. Through the 80’s and 90’s BRS Architects separated themselves from the typical design firm by focusing on a group approach to design. Instead of contractors, consultants and subcontractors each focusing on their own agendas, BRS brought the team together with a unified focus. This eliminated finger pointing on projects and changed the focus away from independent entities. Efficiency and project success then became a common theme when BRS was involved with a building project.

In 2005 BRS expanded their leadership again by welcoming long time architects Doug Racine, Trent Koci, and Andrew Davis as partners. By providing professional and award winning design, planning, and administrative service to their clients, BRS Architects has now become one of the most respected architectural firms in the Pacific Northwest.

Sustainable/LEED® Experience

Our experience with sustainable design dates back to the Shoreline Office Building which won an award in 1984 for “Most Outstanding Project in the Category of Energy Conservation”. In the years since, we have completed numerous other projects that utilize sustainable technologies such as geothermal heat, natural day lighting, high efficiency windows, advanced lighting and HVAC controls, reflective roof membranes and re-used/recycled materials. In combination with our knowledge of sustainable technologies we are familiar with the most common certification processes such as LEED (we have three LEED Accredited Professionals on staff and currently the office remodel for McAlvain Construction is under review for LEED Gold Certification), Green Globes and Energy Star. This makes us well qualified to help you achieve your sustainability goals whether they include one of these certification processes or not.

There are many reasons to be sustainable; to be a responsible steward of the Earth, to reduce life cycle operating costs of the building or to gain public recognition of your efforts. LEED, or any of the other certifications, while a good gauge for the level of sustainability, are not really necessary for good stewardship or lower operating costs, but they will go a long way toward your public relations goals.

Toward that end, we begin by working with the project owner during the pre-design phase to determine the sustainable design priorities. During the subsequent phases we will explore the cost-benefit of sustainable building techniques to determine the most beneficial and cost effective to pursue and we will present the results in a written report. If required, we will incorporate the requirements for LEED, or other, certifications into all documents at all phases of design and will work with the contractor and mechanical and electrical sub-contractors to insure a coordinated effort toward a certified building during the construction process.

The Team Approach

BRS Architects has been teamwork focused since inception. Understanding the value of teamwork and how it relates to project success is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of BRS. From the initial kick-off meeting, through project completion the firm’s approach to design and project administration is based on a collaborative effort. Through all aspects of a project, BRS utilizes this approach by maximizing the talents, skills, and experience of all the members of the project whether they are a BRS employee or an outside consultant. This team centered approach provides the client with the highest value for their project by enhancing efficiency, providing better communication, and creating a highly effective method for problem solving.


  • Master Planning Programming
  • Space Planning Schematic
  • Design Site Entitlements
  • Development Construction
  • Documentation Permit
  • Acquisition Bidding Assistance
  • Construction Administration
  • Third Party Construction Code Analysis
  • Site Selection Analysis
  • Preliminary or Detailed Cost Estimates
  • Needs Assessment Analysis
  • Expert Court Testimony
  • LEED® Certification

Our Staff

  • Billy Ray Strite:
  • Clinton Yaka:
  • Tim Terry:
  • Doug Racine:
  • Andrew Davis:
    Principal/LEED AP
  • Trent Koci:
    Principal/LEED AP
  • Scott Stom:
    Project Architect
  • Joe Thompson:
    Project Manager
  • Cindy Huebert:
    Project Architect
  • Julie Comstock:
    Project Manager
  • David Glancey:
    Project Manager/LEED AP
  • Doug Simpson:
    Project Manager
  • Trish Perala:
    Administrative Assistant
  • Jane Burns:
    Financial Administrator