office | boise, idaho

The existing building was built in 1960 and housed the offices of the Associated General Contractors of America Inc. and was previously occupied by Big Brothers Big Sisters. The building was designed after the International Style of Modern Architecture, which is reflected in its rectilinear form, light and taut plane surfaces and minimal exterior ornamentation. With this remodel, the intention was to preserve the existing building, but make upgrades for energy efficiency, update the exterior color palette to reflect current trends, and reorganize the interior to meet the operational goals of the client.

The most significant change to the exterior was the removal of the silver anodized aluminum window frames and single pane glass. Larger black anodized aluminum storefronts with clear insulated low‐e glazing were installed to help with energy efficiency and thermal comfort, while also further referencing design elements characteristic of the International Style. The addition of protective steel canopies and core‐ten steel panels modernized the building material palette and provided a functional upgrade to the entrance facade. The interior underwent a significant renovation to create a well‐balanced design that is both functional and fun. BRS Architects worked directly with the owner to execute an interior design strategy that would reflect their brand and aesthetic goals. The result is an open office work environment, with intersperse private conference rooms and employee amenity areas, all designed to achieve efficiency in the modern


LOCATION: Boise, Idaho

OWNER: Gravity Payments


SQUARE FOOTAGE: 10,692 SF (Ground & Basement Levels)