government | boise, idaho

The site is located on Gowen Field that is home to the Idaho Air National Guard and the 124th Fighter Wing and the Idaho National Guard 204th Regiment and is a Regional Training Institute. This project was part of a larger plan to remodel and repair structures on the base that needed interior and exterior work. The existing gymnasium structure was previously divided into small spaces that did not ventilate well with its aging equipment and finishes. The solution that the design team produced was to remove a designated fire wall to open the space up to allow air flow and daylight to come through unimpeded. The team wanted to make sure that the end user, soldiers and airmen, had a space that they could enjoy. This was achieved through incorporating a functional layout with spaces for a classroom, physical fitness testing, open workout areas, and locker rooms along with lasting and attractive finishes.

The entry to the gym features a new vestibule with a covered entry designed at an angle to introduce an attractive aesthetic feature constructed from steel columns, wood underdeck, and a metal seam roof. The articulation of the exterior elements and materials was an important goal to complete as it would help create a campus tapestry. As part of the overall new look for the gymnasium, new glazed sectional doors were also added so the interior uses could expand to the outside while cross ventilating the open gym area. Ultimately, to provide the end users the best facility for them to complete their fitness goals, the interior spaces were also modified with the latest equipment and technology to enhance their workouts.

LOCATION:  Boise, Idaho

OWNER: State of Idaho – Idaho Military Division

CONSTRUCTION TYPE: Remodel Construction

PROJECT SIZE: Bldg. 14,828 SF

CONSTRUCTION DATE: April 2020 – March 2021