DL Evans Bank

financial | multiple locations

BRS Architects designed our first branch office for D.L. Evans Bank in 2000 and have completed several more since. The first branch measures 8,000 square feet and includes administrative space, a mortgage lending division, training classroom, five station teller desk, vault, two drive-up service lanes and an ATM lane. The design is open, airy and light with high vaulted ceilings and clerestory windows along its length providing natural light and lowering operating costs.

Subsequent branches are 4,000 square feet each and incorporate only the banking functions typically found in a branch office, but still keep the open airy feel by incorporating the vaulted spine with clerestory windows and light shelves to give an even distribution of the natural light.


LOCATION:  Multiple Locations

OWNER: DL Evans Bank


SQUARE FOOTAGE: 4,000-8,000

PRIMARY USE: Financial


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