healthcare | caldwell, idaho

BRS Architects organized a professional team of talented consultants, and worked with doctors and hospital staff to master plan a medical park to meet the growing needs of the western end of the Treasure Valley. The 19 acre campus is located in Caldwell, Idaho with visibility and accessibility to Interstate 84.

The first phase of the campus development was the design and construction of a new Cancer Treatment Center of approximately 9,300 sq. ft. completed in January 2001. Based on key concepts developed in the planning process, this building was the first of several structures to be laid out in a “crescent” shape to address the interstate and the curve of the adjacent on-ramp. Each of the buildings were also to be oriented around an interconnecting “spine” or gallery fronting on water features enhancing the patient environment. While subsequent buildings were planned to be two and three story structures, this first phase single story building needed to create an obvious presence and provide the campus with an immediate identity.


LOCATION: Caldwell, Idaho

OWNER: St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center



PRIMARY USE: Healthcare PrintFlyer

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