Charter Schools

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In 2013, BRS Architects began working on Charter School Campuses across the country. These campuses range between 9 and 25 acres depending on the demands of the site. The campuses include the school, sports fields, parking, and occasionally student housing facilities.

The schools range from K-8, K-12, or 9-12 depending on the needs of the local community they will serve. Coordinating with local jurisdictions, each school is adapted to meet design ordinances specific to each city.

The complexity of these projects requires coordination with civil, landscape, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and kitchen equipment consultants to complete the designs and construction.

BRS Architects works on these projects all the way through the construction phase, making sure every detail is constructed to the quality we expect from all of our projects.

Currently the charter schools are located in, Brooklyn Park MN, Garland TX, San Antonio TX, Brownsville TX, Austin TX, 2 in Fort Worth TX, Marley Park AZ, Grand Prairie TX with many more in the planning phase.


LOCATION:  Multiple Locations

OWNER: Multiple Owners


SQUARE FOOTAGE: +/- 75,750 9-25 acres

PRIMARY USE:  Educational